Top 5 Shahid Kapoor Remakes Movies You Should Now


Shahid Kapoor Remakes Movies So there are Viewers today we are going to talk about a great topic that you want to have. This is about some movies. In this, we will know that Shahid Kapoor who has done the movie so far, will know about his remake of Top Movie.

Shahid Kapoor, who is a superstar of Bollywood, follows a lot of people in India for his movie and stylish look. Some of his movies are made in some way by superheroes even if it is a remake. Because the acting style of the actor who is in this film seems so real that anyone can be crazy for them. And they even put their lives to work in any movie. Hence his Surrey movie becomes a super hit at the box office. Kabir Sing, which is a remake of the Tamil industry Deborkonda, came in 2019 from Sahid’s Surrey remake movie. She was very good at the box office. His acting in this movie is appreciated as much.

Because that actor is so dangerous that he becomes fit in whoever his character is. Whether he is an action, romance, unbreakable or drunk character, he knows how to play these characters very well. This is revealed by watching his film.

Shahid Kapoor Remakes Movies

Shahid Kapoor Remakes Movies South And Hollywood

We will talk about this, whatever remake movie Shahid Kapoor has, which is copied by Tamil, Telugu, and Hollywood. There are many films for them, but we have some films in front of you. So let’s start this topic.


No.5: Kismat Konnection Shahid Kapoor Remakes Movies

No.5: Kismat KonnectionThe first film is Hate Kismat Konnection which is a Hindi romantic drama film. The film has been directed and produced by Aziz Mirza, the owner of Tip Ramesh S. Taurani The film was released at the box office on 18 July 2008. This movie features very big actors like Vidya Balan, Juhi Chawla along with Shahid Kapoor. This film is made over college life, it shows all the fun and disadvantages of college. When it comes to the story of the film, there is a boy in it who is the best student in the college.

He also wins the title of his college student of the years. After these achiever ments, he falls in love with a girl. And something should not happen between them. Very few people know about this film that the remake of this movie is the 2006 Hollywood film Just My Luck, which is considered to be a much better film.

Original: Just My Luck Remake: Kismat Konnection

No.4: Chup Chup Ke Shahid Kapoor Remakes Movies

No.4: Chup Chup Ke4th Number Pe Chup Chup Ke Movie Aata which is a drama/romance film was also released in 2006. It was made by the director of the movie Priyadarshan in 25.58 crores, but it failed badly at the box office. This movie was remade in 1998 in the Malayalam movie Punjabi House of Bollywood.



Original:  Punjabi House ( 1998 ) Remake: Chup Chup Ke ( 2006 )

No.3: Fool & final

No.3: Fool & finalYou will know about 2 films. So now we talk about 3 movies. Which is called Phool & Final which came at the box office in 2007. The film was directed by Ahmed Khan and has featured actors like Shahid Kapoor Saini Deol, Ayesha Pillows, Vivek Oberoi, Paresh Rawal. The movie was released in India on 1 June 2007 and had a total budget of 26 crores. Talking about the collection of this movie, it is earning 27.62 crores which are considered a fine collection.

This movie has been copied by watching the upcoming movie British crime comedy film Snatch Movie in 2000 years.


Original: British crime comedy film Snatch ( 2000 ) Remake: Fool N Final ( 2007 )


No.2: Kabir SinghNo.2: Kabir Singh

At number 2 is Kabir Singh who is counted as one of the highest-grossing movies of the year. This is a romantic drama film with its director Sandeep Vanga. And producers Murad Khetani, Ashwin Verde, Bhushan Kumar, Krishna Kumar. Within this movie, there are very big actors like Shahid Kapoor and Kayra Advani who have given their lives in the movie.

To make it. Talking about its budget, you will be surprised to know that this cable is of Rs. 60 crores but its box office collection go up to 6 times. Which is up to Rs. 379.02 crores. The remake version of this movie came in 2017 which was Tugu movie Arjun Reddy, inside which Vijay Deverakonda was seen in Ehm character.

Original: Arjun Reddy ( 2017 ) Remake: Kabir Singh ( 2019 )

No.1: jersey remake

No.1: jersey remake, Shahid Kapoor Remakes MoviesThe remake of the upcoming movie Jersey in the number 1 position is about to work in the movie. The film is a 2019 Telugu language sports drama movie. So let’s know more about it. It has been directed by Gautam Tinanuri and Suryadevara Naga Vamsi has produced this film. Which seems quite right to see.

Shahid Kapoor who is a very well known artist. He has acted in many remake movies. Whose Udta Punjab, Kabir Sing, Haider has played his character in movies. Right now Shahid Kapoor is going to work in the remake version of his upcoming movie Jersey. His movie is also going to rock the box office.

Original: Jersy ( 2019 ) Remake: Coming Soon ( 2020 )


jersey remake

Kabir Singh

Fool & final

Chup Chup Ke

Kismat Konnection

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