Top 5 Role playing game For PC You Need To Know [2020]


Role-playing game So hey people, today I am going to tell you about the top 5 role-playing games. If you are looking for a great game, then for you it will tell about some such games that you can play it easily on your Android phone.

In this game which will tell you, you have to suck your Role. And this game has to play its character. Through which you can love this game level. In this game, you will also get a lot of features that you can find any other game.

Role-playing game , feast of legends, playerunknown's battlegrounds

So let us know which is the video game which you will enjoy playing on Android mobile And PC. In it, I will tell you about the Feast of Legends video game which has just been released. And in this you player unknowns battlegrounds, Call Of Duty, Freefire, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I am going to tell you about this whole game.

Role playing games

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  • Feast of Legends

A tabletop Role-playing game has been made about the restaurant’s released by KFC. In this game, you have to play a role. In this, you have to serve food to your customers. And in this, you are given food based on the hymn of brandy.


If you play 20 roles in this game with a lot, then you get a chance to play in Feast Mode.

  • Playerunknown’s battlegrounds

So we talk about the next game, the game Pain of brain game (PUBG), you probably think I have written something wrong. But according to me, it should have been named this. After this game, it gets so kicked that there is no opportunity to do any other work.

If we talk about this final fantasy game then you have to play a critical role in it. In this, 100 players are landed on land, in which life has to be saved by killing one another. In this, whoever survives the person, gets a message, Chicken Dinir Naman. Which is quite cheap.

  • Call Of Duty

Call of Duty Modern Game which is one of the best Rockstar games. The PC version of this game was released on October 29, 2003. And was released in the Play Store on 1 October 2019 in Android.

In this battle royal game, you along with your team, kill people of your specialist team. According to my experience, when I played this game on my Android phone, I did not feel so special.

  • Freefire

Free fire game that is liked by a lot of users. Because there is no need to buy a more expensive mobile to play this game. If you talk about PC Free Fire and Android Free Fire, then you will see more users in Android.


This is the most downloaded game on Android mobile after PUBG. This Game Release On December 4, 2017, In Android Mobile Free Fire has over 450 million registered users.

  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

We talk about our last game, which is called the Grand Theft Auto Series, which is very familiar to gamers. The game was released on 26 October 2004 on PlayStation 4. It was created by Rockstar Games and their partners together. More people play this game on Android’s PC. In this, you have to play a drug dealer or many more roles that have to be played in it.


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