Real Madrid Vs Paris Saint Germain UEFA Champions Leagues 3-0 Score


Real Madrid Vs PSG Hey, Beautiful Viewers Today we are going to talk a little bit about the UEFA tournament. Eden Hazard, who hails from Belgium and is currently continuing his game for Real Madrid. Eden struggled a lot in this match, having worked so hard to make this game his team’s name. But a real old boy stole his show on me. Real Belgian goalkeeper Courtois was caught in this game while shelling, and Bo could not stop the base of their Opponent team by making such an error.

Real Madrid

Some moments of Real Madrid during this game

We know some of the real Madrid that you should know in this game. By playing in the right conversation with Idrissa Guiye’s, you made your game great for Madrid and performed well from the lower right corner. At a time when all the people of the world had raised their hopes, Gareth Bale, in his masterful style, broke into Navash’s circle and hit a brilliant shot. Neymar, Disson Cavani and Kylian Bappé for the PSG team with their amazing performance prevented their three defeats against the Spanish club.

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane said a very important thing: That we were not going anywhere in Bastab because we live in the same boat. “When we win any match we all win members and when we lose we all lose”. They have also said that this defeat is difficult, but we could not waste our time for defeat, we will focus on the match that is going to happen on Sunday We will focus on that.

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We want to know that they will put a lot of pressure on us in this game, but we did not get off properly in this game. It needs the most intensity. You may have the wonderful work of the game or you do not even know how to play properly when you have increased your game with great speed. Nothing can stop you from winning this game then.


Di Maria has been showing for a year that he is capable of this type of performance. His left foot is extraordinary. He has exceptional statistics with the USA and he is continuously decisive with goals and assists. Defensively, he was terribly robust and humble still. He closed out Carvajal and worked well with Bernat on the left.”


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