R U OK Day 2019 Some great things you should know


R U OK Day 2019 So here we are, today we are going to talk about a very effective composition of Australia R –  U OK (Are You Ok). Let’s talk about some important things and in this, we will know what this composition is and how it works and when it started and many more things. (Are You Ok) Who is the owner of this, why did he start this organization and why?

R U OK Day 2019

R U OK Day 2019 

Gavin Larkin, who was well-known to the R U OK (Are You Ok), started this mobilization work in 2009, trying to kill what happened in Australia with everything. He learns how to live them and helps them to live. The Slogan of R U OK revolves around us and talks to people. This day celebrates R U OK ( Are You Ok ) Day in Australia.

How To Work R U OK

The work of this mobilizer is that there are many people in this country who cannot give time to their family and they do not have time to talk to anyone. Encourage the same people, wherever you go, always ask a question R U OK ( Are You Ok ). This brought comfort to their hearts and those people will refresh themselves.

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Are You Ok

If you ask any person if you do not say yes, then you ask him the reason and wish him to chase it or bring him to the R U OK club.

Story Of Are You Ok

So let’s know the secret behind starting this. In 1995, when Gavin Larkin committed suicide of his father Barry Larkin, his family was crowded, and his family was not up to the mark. Whoever dies this pain and their family has to suffer all this. This pain did not pass on anyone else, this kind of thinking forced them to form a composition. That was a question Are You Ok. He was not alone enough to make it come true, to include with him such a large population of Australia. In order to be an inspiration, always be abusive and to avoid such a crisis to the nation R U OK ( Are You Ok ) in 2009 started.


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