Portugal football Ronaldo’s encouragement by scoring 1-5


Portugal football So today we are going to talk about some of the main facts about the UEFA EURO Qualifier match. Ronaldo, captain of Portugal National Football team, won his team 1-5 after 93 balls in this match, this match was very much a struggle. Ronaldo has played 161 international matches in his career and in that he has done 6 hat-tricks for his country.

Portugal football
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Portugal football Win Today Match

A thought from Portugal football team said that Ronaldo is speaking in the world’s best football player, so there is no evidence behind it. Ronaldo said that I am happy that our team has scored and won. Lithuania, down with a point, botched an early opportunity when Wykintas Sliwka terminated from short proximity and they rapidly paid the cost when Marcus Palionis took over João Felix Kraus and Ronaldo changed over punishment in the fifth moment.


When Mark tried to stop João’s cross from the Haats, a penalty of 7 minutes was imposed on him. Ronaldo understood this game and did not take any step that his team could not afford it.

Ronaldo and José Fonte carried the weight of the team on their shoulders to win their team as the Lithuanian team was moving towards the third win.

Then the best players of the world, Ronaldo, with his stormy style, made his team win and once again started being called the king of football. Ronaldo then made sure of the focuses four minutes after the fact when he cleared home Bernardo Silva’s conservative conveyance before the pair joined again in the 76th moment, with the ex-Real Madrid player finding the base right corner from inside the case.


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