Houston weather Floods Because of this, Which you Should not Go


Houston weather Texas Floods So Thursday has been flooded due to the heavy amount of rain in Texas. During this rains Imelda has been flooded due to which millions of people have become homeless and not everyone is suffering so much. Through this, there is a lot of problems in water and school colleges, motorcycles, cars, etc. are all submerged in water. The administration has decided to support the people immersed in the rainwater in the school and has made arrangements for all the people to stay in school and to eat.

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Houston weather

Houston weather Heavy Rain Floods

The Texas government had made the emergency in 13 Kuntis, and also said that due to this flood, the situation of serious situation increased. It is said that it is possible to deal with mass loss and to be cautious. It is estimated that the storm is raging in Texas because of this storm, it is also like, 30 to 40 inches of rain on Friday. Is said to be.


In the afternoon there has been a haul that all the schools and employees have been asked to leave their work and move to a safe place. At 3 o’clock in the evening, the Government said through Twitter that all the students must be having some problem to go to their school and also have agreed that. The bus will be arranged for traveling to school college students and they will have to live in this bus under some uninterrupted circumstances until it all cools down Don’t be. There may be a general delay while leaving the student in his own place and there may be some water problem.

Due to this storm, a lot of water is accumulating in all seahorses and there is a lot of damage to the Intercontinental Airport. Officials have said that due to flooding, water has been accumulating in the                road of the plane and due to this the plane may be delayed to take flight.


Social Media Reaction 

So let us take some pictures from social media and what they are about this flood, they put it in front of you. However, due to this flood, a lot of people are studying to face a lot of premises and some people have seen this as a middle man. So we see his ray and some of his great poets in front of you, by seeing which you will know what is the truth.


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#erinrn74 #pleaseprayformyfriend #texasflood My friends new how flooded. This is the second time in two years. 🙏🙁

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